Business Operating Systems

Business Operating Systems

Our primary focus is on co-packing service solutions for CPGs. We focus our expertise and knowledge on automating or identifying better processes within the co-packing operation. We continue to invest in equipment but ensure we remain flexible and nimble to allow for investments to be shared among multiple customer co-packing products. We do offer value added services such as buying materials to broaden the offering to our clients.
Belvika utilizes an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that meets the needs of progressive make-to-order manufacturing companies. Our ERP system delivers built-in workflow processes that enable us to manage the entire order cycle. This program oversees all aspects of Production Management including planning, scheduling, inventory, bill of materials, shop floor reporting, and much more.

We have a dedicated Sales and Operational Planning team to ensure execution of orders meets timelines.

Belvika takes over responsibility for the planning process once the forecast demand is made available by our customer. Belvika’s team works directly with our customer’s Supply and Demand Planners to conduct daily and weekly production planning meetings to review all forecast demand requirements. This system offers the following features;

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Specifications and BOM control
  • Production
  • Planning
  • Sourcing
  • Procurement
  • Production scheduling
  • Lot codes control and traceability,
  • Material management
  • Material consumption
  • Shipment

It also can issue bulletins or reports outlining all BOM components with pictures of the finished item. PackManager also allows Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with our customers’ core systems like, SAP. This accurately tracks inventory and resources automatically throughout the supply chain without the need for error-prone double entry. Furthermore, this allows a customer portal to allow customer access to information on the status of your orders.


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