Continous Improvement Program

Continuous Improvement Program

The Belvika team continually searches for cost saving options to pass along to its clients.
The Production Management team, along with trusted Process Engineers, continually review production specifications along with processing instructions to determine if cost savings options exist.

The application of Process Re-engineering has yielded several significant Constant Improvement savings which were passed directly to our clients.
Belvika also applies production principles and process flow methodologies that generate Continuous Process Improvement opportunities (CPI). CPI savings are shared between both parties.

The driving factors for Belvika’s CPI process include:

  1. Improve production throughput using automation while minimizing direct labour
  2. Reduce waste of raw goods and use of direct materials
  3. Improve responsiveness to production scheduling requirements.
  4. Improve product safety, quality, consistency, and traceability



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