Production Management Control

Production Management Control

Belvika’s approach and methodology to quality production is supported through the use of our ERP system. This program oversees all aspects of Production Management including planning, scheduling, inventory, and bill of materials, shop floor reporting, and much more.

This program ensures the entire production team, schedulers; line supervisors, material handlers, and account managers, have complete visibility to all areas of demand schedules, production schedules, bill of materials, inventory production instructions, product traceability and recall, and many more functions.

This system also allows Belvika to aggregate production to minimize production costs, while reducing scrap and waste. Once the production parameters are set in place tracking and reporting begin immediately. Analysis is performed by management with the eye towards variations and inconsistencies between production targets vs. actual performance. Management review production performance on a regular basis with the intent of removing restrictions or unnecessarily complicated processes, which in turn reduce costs.
Belvika’s Production Scheduling Process (PSP) is utilized for managing all production scheduling for our customers. We have a dedicated Sales and Operational Planning team to ensure execution of orders meets timelines.

The PSP is driven by our customer’s forecasted demand, with ongoing adjustments to reflect the realities of market demands, product availability, seasonality, and repack requirements.

Belvika takes over responsibility for the planning process once the forecast demand is made available by our customer. The process ensures:

  1. Schedules are reviewed and discussed between Customer Demand & Supply Planners and Belvika’s production planning team.
  2. Demand forecast schedules are identified and understood.
  3. Production is scheduled.
  4. Purchase or release of necessary materials through Belvika’s Vendor Managed MRP to align with forecast demands.
  5. Production capacity is managed to meet all forecast demand orders.

Belvika’s team works directly with our customer’s Supply and Demand Planners to conduct daily and weekly production planning meetings to review all forecast demand requirements & changes. The team reviews categories for everyday items and seasonal production needs, as well as any upcoming repacks that may be required.



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