Services Offered

Complete Packing Solutions

Belvika Trade and Packaging is a full service supplier and has extensive experience in managing both manual processing and automated equipment to handle primary and secondary packaging of products. Our primary focus is on co-packing service solutions for CPGs. A sample of available processes includes: flexible packaging for VFFS, flow wrap HFFS, and pouches from roll stock or premade. Design Expertise, Sourcing Materials, Inventory Management, Assembling and repacking counter and floor displays, DRP and PDQs, and RRPs, Quality Inspection of all components and finished goods, Fulfillment.

Top-of-the-line equipment enables us to fill a variety of products to meet the specific needs of each individual client. Our filling capabilities range from unwrapped product to wrapped individual snack-size items, as well as full-size wrapped product. No size or weight range has been a challenge.

We fill using methods of piece count, linear weight, combination weight, by volume or auger fillers. Our fully computerized multi-head weigh scale systems ensure that all products are consistently weighed/filled to the proper specifications.

Our design solutions are to analyze and “reverse engineer” for optimal manufacturing, assembly and fulfillment efficiency. Belvika’s goal is to simplify structures using common design principals – reducing the number of components to ensure interchange ability and modularity. These benefits are clear and measurable.

Belvika also has the expertise to support customers in a business model where operations are embedded within a customer warehouse.



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